Monday, September 28, 2015


I had grand plans of taking some newborn pictures of Claire right after she was born and then my body said, "Haha yeah right!" I finally got around to taking some about a month and a half into her life and although she isn't quite the brand new baby I had hoped to capture, I'm pretty happy with what we got. Of course, I made Em jump in for a few, which she was SO excited about. You better believe I bribed her with extra TV time and treats (which only happens multiple times a day on a rare occasion). 

Her poor, poor acne eyebrows. 

But really, those cheeks!

I'm absolutely in love with this profile of hers.

Emma getting in the zone. This is obviously her favorite thing to do. 

I just can't even...

The sister pictures started out pretty rough, but eventually the crying stopped after a quick milk/candy break. I'm clearly not above bribery.

And then Emma decided to do a few poses of her own. This girl is such a crack up.

I know I should try and narrow down these pictures to a select adorable few, but how can I WHEN I HAVE THE CUTEST GIRLS IN THE WORLD? I know, I know, I'm totally one of those annoying moms who gush/brag about her kids and post way too many photos that are all almost exactly the same buuuuut...the only people who read this blog are either family or people who come to see pictures of these ladies. So really, I should be saying "You're welcome." You're welcome, world. 

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