Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Day in Santa Cruz

I have a few Christmas posts I'm finishing putting together, but I'm so in love with these photos I just couldn't wait to get them up. Two of our very dear San Jose friends recently returned from missions and we made our way out there for a wonderful reunion. We spent a day in Santa Cruz, and it was so fun visiting one of the beaches I used to spend a lot of time at back in the day. And holy cow did Emma have the greatest day. I was desperate to get some solid pictures of her with such gorgeous scenery, but she was having such a fabulous time that I didn't get a single one of her looking at me. Most were running pictures because she was absolutely enamored with chasing the seagulls. It was pretty flipping adorable. She is just so full of life and energy and I so love watching her vibrance. 

Seeing as this was Claire's first beach trip, I had high hopes for pictures of both the girls together. Alas, it was pretty windy and cold if you weren't moving around and she was really fussy until I got her to sleep in her carseat with a blanket blocking the wind. So....all the pictures are of our sweet Em. This really was the greatest day and we just loved being able to see our San Jose family!....which I also didn't get a picture of. Emma seems to always steal the show ;)

I was laughing so hard trying to get pictures of Emma. When she saw me chasing after her, Em would laugh hysterically and run faster. This girl!

It was obviously a good day because she conked out pretty quickly on the way home. The lips on this girl get me every time!

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