Saturday, July 4, 2015

Easter 2015

Holy smokes I have been behind on blogging recently! I have folders and folders of pictures of different events from the last few months that I really want to get on here, so hopefully this next week I can put a few 'catch up' posts on the blog.

We spent Easter with the Keslers this year and as always, had a blast! Emma absolutely adores her cousins and so we always jump at the chance to get together with them. The kids had a total blast with our egg hunt in grandma and 'pampa's' backyard this year, and the adults loved it because we could re-hide the eggs over and over to maximize the egg hunt fun! Win-win!

This profile of hers just warms my heart!

How cute are these two???

We then attempted to get some pictures of these three rascals together. While we got one with them all looking somewhat near the camera, there is just no possible way to get all three looking and smiling. I think what we got captures the experience pretty well ;)

Poor Jacob couldn't take it anymore, he had to crack one of the eggs open!

Grateful for our sweet family, and we sure did miss our AZ cousins this Easter. 

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