Saturday, July 4, 2015

Emma's 2nd Birthday

Our sweet girl recently turned 2! I still can't believe we have an official toddler running around our house. Last year for her birthday, we I got just a wee bit too focused on the party rather than celebrating my beautiful daughter, SO this year I decided to let the party go and make this day about her! She woke up to lots of balloons and we opened her birthday presents before having her favorite breakfast.

Poor baby woke up with crazy allergies. Look at those eyes!

To our delight, Em's favorite present was from us! We got her a stuffed animal from her favorite movie, "My Neighbor Totoro." She was pretty dang excited for this little guy, and that just made Daniel and I feel like a million bucks. Parent success! 

Chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and raspberries. Yum!

We hung out at home for a while and read her new books (thank you Nana and Grandma!) and then headed off to a trampoline place for some serious fun. It was mostly Emma and Daniel jumping since I failed to bring some depends ;)

To top the birthday off, we had a very low key party with just the three other cute kids in our ward. Honestly, you couldn't even call it a party if the cake weren't there. I was incredibly proud of myself. Pinterest had no part in this party! 

Gotta love Costco cake! And yes, we were indeed eating leftovers for over a week ;)

Dad prepping her for the big moment.

After blowing out candles, Emma tested the limits of her birthday privileges by licking off some frosting off the top of the cake. And let's be honest, we thought it was pretty funny and let it slide just this once ;)

Sure do love this little girl and the joy that she brings to our lives! Daniel and I say all the time how lucky we are to be her parents and are so grateful for the last two years with this little one. Happy birthday, little love!

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