Thursday, May 7, 2015

Best Day

A few days ago Daniel and I took Emma to the Payson Temple open house. We've been talking a lot with her about temples lately and if we ever drive by one, she is sure to let us know, so we thought it would be a really fun experience to take her inside of one! The night before the tour, we were putting Emma down for the night and told her in the morning we were going to go inside of a temple. She was so excited about it apparently that when we went to wake her up in the morning, the first thing she said was, "Temple inside?" She was so sweet and well behaved throughout the hour long tour (which can only be described as a miracle since it was so long for her), and I was so grateful that Daniel and I have been trusted with this sweet little spirit to love and teach.

This is one of my favorite classic "Emma faces"

This might have been the highlight of the morning for her.

So...not the most flattering photo of yours truly but the moment needed to be captured

Before we dropped Daniel off at work, we grabbed some breakfast at this cute waffle place called Bruges, on Center Street. It was SO yummy and, as you can see, Emma really enjoyed my chocolate waffle. 

Her reaction when I asked her to do a silly face.

I'm so grateful for this forever family of mine and for this amazing morning we got to spend together. It was such a great reminder to me of how important this little family is to me and how lucky we are to have been sealed together in a House of the Lord. Oh...and for chocolate waffles ;)

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