Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holla for Halloween!

Our first Halloween activity was up in Ogden. There was a trick or treat party type thing at the dinosaur park and while Ethan was the one who got the most out of it, we all enjoyed being with each other and seeing the kids in their cute costumes. Love our Keslers!

This little guy was such a trooper! And probably the only one who got hot that night ;)

Blurry, but the only one of all three of us from that night.

The big night came around and before we actually went trick or treating, a group of us took the kids to our local rec center. They put on this incredible Halloween party for all the Provo kids and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! There was trick or treating, games, haunted houses, laser tag, meet and greets with disney characters, and more! It made me so grateful to live where we do and so grateful for our little Provo community.

These two are the cutest.

We're just a couple of poodles!

After the rec center extravaganza, we all grabbed some grub and then headed out on the town! This Halloween was a fun one because Emma was old enough to at least understand that for one night, she could knock on people's doors and they would give her candy and tell her how cute she was, especially the elderly- they LOVED her! It was very apparent that this was the greatest night of her young life. I think my favorite part was watching as she found her groove with the whole thing. By about door number three she had it down; after grabbing the candy she would say, "Chit Chu! (thank you)," wave her hand and say, "I luh you! Bye!" It was probably the cutest thing ever. And people ate that up because really, who wouldn't? All in all, it was a very successful night. Just in case you were wondering, Daniel and I thoroughly enjoyed her candy (at least the ones that weren't soaked in her spit).

This guy LOVED Em. Loved her, it was seriously adorable. 

Probably not the most flattering picture of Emma, I will enjoy showing this to future boyfriends ;)

Our fun group minus the Swensens! We love our friends :)

Em just ate her candy right out the basket after each door.

The groovy Swensens! And yes, Matt is wearing extensions. What a trooper!

She was a pro by this point.

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