Monday, September 22, 2014

The Summer of Babes

Earlier this summer we bought a cheapo blow up pool for Emma and her favorites to use. We were pretty excited to test it out and while we parents thought it was the cutest thing ever, the kids didn't quite share our enthusiasm. They played in the pool for about five minutes before moving on to bigger and better things, like the hose and parking lot. Fortunately, we got some good pics to document the five minutes of enjoyment ;)

Emma and her bestest friend.

We love this sweet boy!

Emma starting to get mad that I kept putting her back in the pool

I seriously can't even handle these thighs. I can't. They are way too precious.

Thick as thieves!

If one picture could describe summer, this would be it. Love this summer sweetie.

Fall is just around the corner and I'm already missing the long days of summer....ok it's actually about half and half. I love the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather, but I sure do love me some summer. So it's bittersweet. I'm going to miss diaper days outside but embrace the fun clothing choices fall brings.

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