Sunday, November 16, 2014


Daniel and I took Em to HeeHaw farms a few days before Halloween (yes, there is a place out here called HeeHaw farms, haha!) It was such a fun little family night and Em LOVED just about everything there- petting zoos, big slides, pony rides, pumpkin drops, and a bunch of other stuff that we didn't quite get to. We had such a great time with our sweet girl and are loving that she's getting a bit older and able to do fun things like this. 

Because who wouldn't want to sit in a giant bed of corn?

Trying to get the goat's attention.

Yep, this was indeed the cutest thing ever. She sucked her thumb the whole time!

She literally cornered these lambs...

Most definitely my favorite picture of the day :)

I love having a little bit of knowledge of photography and editing to document this sweet girl's life, but sometimes I get a little bit caught up in making everything too perfect. Editing out the beautiful little things that I know I will actually want to remember down the road. So I got to this next picture and decided to keep this little girl's face the way I see it every day; smudged, bruised, bumpy, discolored, and absolutely perfect. This is real life for us and I want to remember it!

Check out Daniel's face!

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