Thursday, November 20, 2014

18 Months of Joy

Our sweet girl is a year and a half! Anyone who knows me the tiniest bit knows I've been looking forward to this age for a LONG time because of one word....NURSERY! In our church, the kids get to enter into nursery aka play time while the parents enjoy the lessons child free. In case anyone was wondering, we know the halls of our church building very well because before nursery, we walked them pretty much the whole length of our church services. Three hour reverence is not something Em has mastered yet. Needless to say, these last two Sundays have been absolutely fabulous for everyone involved. 

Apart from the big addition of nursery, sweet girl has grown leaps and bounds in pretty much all areas. She is speaking really well and even starting to string words together (mostly just, "Bye daddy!") and can take off sleepers and onesies if properly motivated...which has led to some SERIOUS poop clean ups. She is all of a sudden a picky eater, something I hoped we would avoid since I grew up the pickiest eater in our family, but we are definitely working on expanding her little palate. Em loves to sing and dance, her most current song being EEE III EEE III OOO! She is a big fan of sympathy laughing and her fake laugh totally cracks me up. She is still the biggest daddy's girl of all time, and I still love it. She and Daniel have the sweetest relationship and our girl is SO excited when he comes home every day. Em is still a thumb sucker, and it is so sweet. I know we'll need to nip it in the bud soon but man oh man it is just the cutest thing to watch her suck that little thumb of hers. She is incredibly independent and loves do things on her own, heaven forbid we try and help ;) She has recently taken to pooping in the bathtub, which is not one of my favorite things in the world, but so be it. We still have tantrums where she throws herself to the floor and kicks it out, but recently she's been more into making fists and squeezing so hard she starts to shake. It's a much quieter, controlled form of anger which we enjoy and it happens to also be hilarious, so there's a plus. I think Emma's favorite thing to do right now is to put on as many layers of clothing as she can. I absolutely love that she does this because I used to do the exact same thing as a child! I love seeing little bits of me in her and this one is from me without a doubt. We sure do love this growing girl of ours. 

Haha I had to include this one, cracks me up!

Chris Farley anyone?

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