Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer Lovin

We got to spend some serious time this summer with the Kesler side of our family. Denise and her family came out for a few weeks and seeing as we only get to spend time with them about once a year, this was a pretty exciting trip! It was really fun to see Emma play with all of her cousins and we loved catching up with Denise and Christian. This is probably one of those posts where only family members make it to the end because it's so long...

Can you tell how much she loved hangin with these cute boys?

We got to go see a fireworks show at the local high school on pioneer day and the kids loved it. They also thoroughly enjoyed wrestling with the dads while waiting for the fireworks to start. 

"Hey want to see me turn into batman?"

The Kesler Clan. Please ignore the horrible lighting.

This face!

Pretty much what my husband did the whole week. Tian LOVES him!

One glorious night the dads decided to take all the kids camping on the front lawn! It was pretty cute to see how excited the kids were. The best part was that grandpa joined in! Yep, those kids are pretty dang lucky. Emma was a bit too young to make it though the night in a tent so...Daniel opted out of the whole experience. It turned out to be a wee bit miserable as the kids took a while to go to sleep and there happened to be a storm that night AND if I recall correctly one of the kids fell off the bed in the camper. A night to remember!

I spy a Pricey!

Emma wishing she could get in on this experience

The brave campers (plus Daniel and Emma)

These kids were loopy with anticipation

The 4th of July came around and we headed out to the main street for North Ogden's annual 4th of July parade. There was lots of candy, dancing, and floats. Needless to say, the kids loved it. Emma and I were two little zombies as she was up all night the night before for who knows why, but we were happy to be there. 

Yep, he's going to be a heartbreaker. 

Can't you see the excitement on her face?

'Tian was feeling pretty good about the amount of candy collected

Tired parents. I don't think any of us got much sleep that week.

Those eyes get me every time!

Since we went to a fireworks show a few nights earlier, we did our own fireworks at home on the 4th. The kids loved that they were so close to the action and apart from a runaway firework that may or may not have hit poor little Pricey in the face, the show was a huge success. Ethan was Daniel's special little helper and every time a new firework was picked out, he had to personally approve of it. It was freaking adorable. 

Yes. Baby chair. Baby belly. Baby sweats. Can this get any cuter?

Definitely not the best show of baby fashion but...she's still cute. 

This sweet chunker was a total angel the whole time!

Ethan was very attentive the whole time

Emma desperately wanted to be involved in...everything!

Sweet 'Tian!

Beautiful Lyric :)

'Topher loved being able to hold an actual firework.

Oh my gosh this face KILLS me!

Pricey the great!

These kids had a front row seat and loved it!

These were a big hit...with the kids ;)

Daniel, master of the fireworks. 

Auntie Janice takes good care of this sweet (messy) girl.

Love this wonderful sister-in-law of mine!

The kids adore their sweet grandpa. So do we!

Quite possibly the best picture of Emma EVER. Ever. 

I just have to say a few wonderful things about this picture. Lyric and Emma are (for now, hopefully) the only granddaughters in the Kesler family and although they have many years separating them, they have the sweetest little relationship already. Lyric is the BEST little protecter and friend to Emma. She watched over Em all the time and was so sweet with her. We really got so lucky with having Lyric as a cousin and appreciate her so much!  

We had the BEST time with our Kesler family and are already looking forward to next summer when we're all together again. Love you guys!

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