Sunday, September 7, 2014


Our dear friends have some pretty sweet connections to a pretty sweet cabin. And being the freeloaders that we are, we've hitched a ride to this cabin many a time. We had some pretty fun trips this summer and always walk away with some wonderful memories. 

Lately Emma has been very into giving her best friend hugs, kissing, and trying to pick her up. Sweet E isn't always amused.

This girl loves her daddy!

Yep, they're the cutest! Love these daddy daughter shots :)

One of these times we played a healthy gambling game of liar's dice with candy as our bets and...all I can say is we laughed a TON and ate WAY too much of this candy. 

Daniel and I weren't cool enough to be in this picture...

Matt was devastated Dave's computer was so much bigger than his

Enjoying a family adventure hike in the woods!

These two LOVE kissing each other. It's the cutest thing in the world. 

Hangin with my gals! Ella isn't super excited about it...

So one trip was a lot colder than we anticipated and we completed failed at bringing warm clothes but of course that was not going to stop Em playing around outside. So we put on gloves, Daniel's socks on her legs, and an adult jacket rolled up. And...she loved it. 

This last trip we made some new friends in the form of...mice! It was actually terrifying. Who knew such a small animal could cause such terror in our hearts. Ok, really just in the hearts of Claire and I. We are total pansies. One night a single mouse ran out in the middle of the main room and we could not rest until it was caught. Unfortunately, that never happened and I literally woke up several times that night in fear that a mouse was crawling all over my body. 

The aftermath of trying to find mr. mouse. No stone (or couch) was left unturned. 

This won't really be funny to anyone but Claire and I really, but I had to put it up for posterity's sake. Please excuse what a big fat baby I am. I realize it's just a small mouse, but we were on sugar highs and everything feels a bit more cray cray at the cabin..

Thank heavens for self timers!

Love our sweet friends, both the ones above and many more we've met in Provo. We are so lucky to know such wonderful people!

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