Sunday, June 8, 2014

Emma's First Birthday!

Just so everyone knows, I would have posted this a whole month ago, but it took my dear sister, Haley, a whole month to send me the video of Emma's cake smash. And what is a (second) birthday post without a cake smash video?!? 

Emma was lucky enough to have both family AND friend birthday parties this year! I mentioned earlier how I spend most of the day getting ready for this party and neglecting my child, and here are the fruits of my labors (but really, I do feel bad about that...)! At the time I thought I had taken some good pics but now I realize for all the work that went into that little table, I definitely should have invested some more picture-taking time. Oh well! Serious props to Daniel and my wonderful friends who helped me stay sane and set everything up. 

Since Emma is old enough to reach for people when she wants to be picked up or switch from one person to another, Daniel and I love to see who Em will grab for. It's definitely a source of pride in our home. That's why this next picture is so important...

Let's just take a moment to notice that full-body reach for me. BOOYA!

I've decided this picture is going to be a birthday tradition for all our kids. So sweet!

That face!

And to end, a video of the babes smashing her cake. I love how much she loves to squish things!

Thanks to all our wardie friends (and a few others!) who came to celebrate Emma!

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