Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Ogden First Birthday

We hung out in Ogden this last weekend to celebrate Emma's first birthday with the Keslers! It had been a little while since we'd gotten the chance to up there, and it was so nice to just hang with the family! Christopher was a champ and made a cheesecake from scratch for Emma. He is pretty awesome, and I'm fairly certain he is Emma's favorite Uncle because of this cheesecake.

*Warning- get ready for an obscene number of pictures...

Our nephew, Jacob is the chunkiest and cutest guy around!


Daniel loves his girl!

Waiting patiently

Emma hasn't quite yet mastered the skill of blowing, so her awesome cousin Ethan took over blowing the candle out. Love that boy!

It didn't take Emma long to discover how much fun squishing cheesecake in your fingers is. I think she tried to eat some maybe once, mostly she just loved the squishing!

One happy girl!

Who doesn't want to rub cheesecake all over themselves?!?

"Is there any more?"

I LOVE this face! Pure joy!

Some videos for good measure :)

Grandma Kesler needed a picture of Jacob and Emma together since neither were present during the last family photo, so we have a little mini photo shoot! It was a crack up getting these two to sit still and smile. Sure do love these chunkers!

As we were leaving to return to Provo, I found a field and naturally had to sneak in a few photos of Miss Emma. 

Birthday celebration part one was a total success! Emma is one lucky girl to have such wonderful family who loves her :)

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