Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A YEAR of Chub!

Today, our baby turned one. I really wanted to throw her a serious birthday bash, and so I spent the entire day baking and making decorations. I wasn't too stressed (mostly because I have a wonderful husband and fabulous friends), but at the end of the day I was a bit disappointed with myself for channeling all of my energy into birthday preparations instead of spoiling and focusing all attention on my sweet birthday girl. Lesson learned. Next year I'll plan better and center that whole day around the birthday girl.

Anyway, thought I would take the time really quick to just record how much Daniel and I love and are grateful for Emma. Man alive she makes our life wonderful. She is so happy, carefree, and independent. She gets more and more sassy every day and is carefully mastering the art of tantrum-throwing. It's inconvenient, loud, and oh so dramatic, but I absolutely love it. I love discovering the ways Emma has learned to communicate with us; how excited she gets when we are eating something and she decides that she NEEDS some and how she pulls out the high-pitched scream when we take something away from her or when Emma is required to sit in her carseat for more than five minutes and she arches her back and grunts because crying/screaming wears her out too fast. I love it all. Maybe not always in the moment, but I truly do love all of Emma's communications. Oh and the wobbly walking, yeah I'm in love with that. I'll never wonder what Emma would like look drunk because I just have to watch her walk and it's all there. We are just so blessed to have Emma Lily in our life and can't believe she's already ONE!

These legs!!!

This is SUCH a classic 'Emma Face.' LOVE IT!

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