Saturday, March 29, 2014

Playplace Fun

The rec center by our apartment has a free playplace area for kids to enjoy and so one day Daniel and I decided Emma needed to try it out! We climbed in with her and I, of course, couldn't help but bring my camera. The pictures aren't the best because...I still struggle taking good indoor photos. Actually I still just struggle taking photos with less than ideal lighting. One day ;) 

Hahaha! This is blurry but I couldn't resist!

This photo below is definitely my favorite picture. I love that my Emma is a daddy's girl and that Daniel is wrapped around her tiny little fingers. Heart explosion! 

And a decent picture just for good measure! Yes, she is wearing the same outfit as her fotofly photoshoot, but I just love this old lady cardi! And I love that we have a thumb-sucker :)

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