Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nine Months of Chub

Emma had a photoshoot today. A REAL photoshoot, not just a pretend one with me (don't worry gma Kesler/VOB- I'm emailing you guys the pics right now). Get ready to be in picture heaven because our little girl is the CUTEST! At almost ten months old, Emma is standing on her own (though has yet to take her first steps), dancing when her favorite song comes on (the theme songs for the shows 'Chuck' and 'Psych' anything spiritually enlightening), the proud owner of 6 chompers, and very sassy. She is also a SERIOUS daddy's girl. I think I've mentioned that on this blog before but oh man it gets more and more apparent every day. It honestly makes me so happy and is the cutest thing to watch. If the hubs had been able to make it to this shoot we probably would have gotten more genuine smiles. There are a lot of pity smiles below. Pretty funny. Enjoy!

The first thing Daniel commented on when he saw these next few pictures was Emma's pose. The funniest thing is, we didn't put her in this pose! She did it all on her own! Totally cracks me up. 

This is my FAVORITE picture! This is a classic Emma face!

Her popped foot is the cutest!

Such a ham!

If you couldn't tell, we really love this sweet little girl. She is such a blessing to us and my happiest days are when we have some solid 'family time' just hangin at home together. 

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