Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This Thanksgiving we made some serious plans. Daniel and I have made some AMAZING friends in our married student ward here in Provo and we decided it would be fun to organize a friendsgiving. Dreams of a feast like no one has ever seen before began to fill our (ok my...) thoughts and the planning began. And then all of a sudden the planning stopped because November was a pretty busy month, and my vision of reserving the church and spreading the word for all to bring food and be merry was put on the backburner. I know it's dramatic, but I was a wee bit devastated. Fortunately, we had a VERY last-minute (as in pretty much day of notification) friendsgiving with a few couples in our building. However, even though this event had an extremely low amount of planning, it was one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. No joke. I'll tell you, our friends can COOK!

This is honestly making my mouth water all over again!


My dear friend, Shannon, made a chocolate cake from scratch that you see below. We may have teased her a bit because it had a very...unique look. And then came test taste time and we were all blown out of the water. Seriously this cake was amazing. 



Matt in a food coma

Sweet Ella!

My wonderful husband was in charge of documenting this monumentous (I could have sworn that was an actual word but spellcheck says it's not...I'll just leave it in there) event and had a unique take on what moments should be remembered. Exhibit A:

I honestly have no explanation for this picture

the closest we got to a 'normal' picture

And then we have Exhibit B (AKA selfietopia):


This was meant to be a 'blue steel' picture...not sure what look Matt was going for ;)

The Mad Scientist!!!! This face kills me!

I am not posting Exhibit C because it is photo after photo of the boys taking close-up pictures of their arms that make them look like harry butts. It's alarming how realistic they turned out. Disgustingly alarming.

Poor Dave was late because he was working but worry not, we saved him some wonderful food.

Dave is #1!

After our bellies were more than full, we were blessed with the never ending talent of Matthew and Christine Swensen. Enjoy. 

We are SO grateful for our incredible friends, both those who rallied last minute for this dinner as well as the countless others we have been blessed to get to know this last year. They make leaving Provo this summer all the much harder. We love you guys!

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