Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013!

November was filled with gratitude for our many blessings (as is every other month...but especially in November). I am honestly overwhelmed thinking about what incredible families we have, this nation we get to live in, the Gospel, the friends we've been blessed to have, our education, our sweet girl, our marriage, the list could obviously go on and on. SO for family home evening one night Daniel and I wrote down things we are grateful for on these cute free printable cards and strung them through our living room. Such a fun way to be reminded of some of the many things we are so blessed with. 

My favorite might have to be Daniel's - 'Emma's fat chunky thighs' haha!

We got to spend this Thanksgiving with the Keslers!!! And my cute brother didn't have a big enough break from work to go to CA for the holiday so he met up with us in Ogden on Thanksgiving. I felt so lucky to have a bit of both sides of our family for this day. We...pretty much ate the whole day and it was fabulous. I actually had a just a roll because I was sick the whole trip, but it was still fabulous. I ate food in my mind. It was great. 

the kid table

Cold Duck!

The rest of the post is pretty much of Emma gnawing on a roll. But it's really cute so you should look.  

AND THEN...............we made gingerbread houses! It was super fun. 

Take a break to look at the babies.

The finished products!

Man we love these guys

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