Friday, January 31, 2014

Muir Woods

I'll post more about our Christmas in California later, for right now we're just going to admire pictures from our trip to Muir Woods. Holy moly that place is to die for gorgeous! We honestly could have stayed there for hours if we had gotten there earlier. My mom was a trooper to make the drive with Daniel, Emma, and I and we were so happy to spend the day with her.

I wanted to take some cute pictures of Emma but...unfortunately she fell over pretty fast trying to eat the dirt...

And then the dirt/bark stuck to her smily slobber face. 

The pictures honestly don't even do this place justice. It was so incredibly beautiful. The only downside was that it was pretty hard to get a picture because everyone and their mother decided to visit the park the day we went. We still had a ton of fun and are considering moving to Muir Woods and living out of a tent for the rest of our days. Haha just kidding...I enjoy running water and fast food too much ;)

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