Monday, January 27, 2014

A Few Randoms

I have a cute kid. A really cute kid. And she's had some cute moments in the last few months that I've happened to catch on camera. And some other things I've caught as well (though let's be honest everyone is only interested in Emma. I get that). This is a post that really shows how scatterbrained I am because most of these events are totally unrelated.

Back in October the sweet babes started eating solid food! We were pretty excited about this and had to document such a momentous event. Side note...we have since become much better feeders and eating is no longer quite this messy anymore ;)

Not sure how we felt about peas at first...

We know when it's quittin time

We took Emma to the park to ride some swings for the first time a while back! She didn't hate it but I can't really say she loved it. We'll have to try again soon and see what she thinks. 

I'll admit she looks slightly terrified

I promise I'm a good momma...this girl has a hard time keeping her socks on.

These were just taken on a lazy day while we were hangin out. 

Bahaha I can't get over how funny this picture is!

Emma as she is trying to figure out this crawling thing. We like to help her along. *Side note: she is a master crawler now and gets into EVERYTHING!

Some classic Emma/Momma time. I sure do love this baby girl.


Never get tired of looking back at this

Someone found some chocolate in her carseat. And got it all over her face. 

We went to our ward Christmas party and...partied. 

We're a festive family

So posh. These boys were missing their friend, Dave.

Emma's first selfie!

I found this on my phone and just about died

Next few pictures are me creeping on my child while she plays. 

So photogenic!

I'm such a creeper!

Pretty sure this is when Emma was teething. The only time she'll cuddle with me is when she isn't feeling good so when she is ready to hunker down, I pretty much drop everything. 

Some chocolate pie lovin.

Daniel and I had our 2nd anniversary over the Christmas break while in CA. My family is awesome and watched Emma so we could go out and get a nice dinner (at the Cheesecake Factory AHHH!!!) their treat. Heyo! It was so fun to go out just the two of us and just eat/stuff our faces/clean the place out of avocado egg rolls be with each other. It was hard for me to realize we've only been married two years (can I get any more cliche?), especially with a baby crawlin around. Best two years with this guy. Let me go off on a bit of a rant on this guy for a minute and say he is truly the best thing that has happened to me. I am more patient because of him. I am a mother because of him. I am more open-minded and accepting of others because of him. I am a better daughter and sister because of him. I am more confident and loving of myself because of him. If you can't tell, this guy is so good to and for me and I am a lucky woman to have him as my husband and father of my girl. Now take your finger out of your throat and stop fake gagging. It wasn't that bad. 

Utah has done horrible things to the color of my skin. Protect your eyes from the gleam!

And we'll just end with this fabulous picture of Daniel so exhausted that he literally cannot stay awake long enough to brush his teeth. Love. 

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