Monday, January 27, 2014

November 2013 California Visit

We went to my parent's house back in November and were lucky enough to have Daniel come with us for the weekend. This was good for me because this was Emma's first flight and it ended up being a bit of a doozy. We flew out of Provo (which had the potential to be fantastic) but no one told us the airline (Allegiant) is pretty much always late. This was unfortunate because we got to the airport an hour early and then waited about three hours more to actually board the plane. We endured much whining but eventually got a solid 10 minutes of light sleeping in Aunt Haley's arms (BLESS you, Aunt Haley!). 

Emma was feeling classy and chose to fly in her PJs...

"Why didn't you just run home for a nap when you were so close to home and knew the plane was going to be so late?" We had paid for a specific parking spot for the weekend and would have lost it if we had left. But Emma was so stinking tired that we decided to take extreme measures and see if she would lay down in the car for a quick nap. It was nice and quiet in there and her carseat had already been checked (never doing that again) so we made a little makeshift bed on the floor. We were desperate, people! Needless to say, this failed miserably.

Trying to block out the light. 

By the time we were finally in our seats, our sweet little girl was fit to be tied. Her nap time had come and gone and we failed to give her benadryl (don't judge) until right before we left. *Side story we have the bestest friends in the whole world. Daniel and I realized we had forgotten it at home and called our neighbor, Matt, who dropped whatever he was doing to bring us a sweet syringe of the magic juice literally minutes before our flight left. He is SO awesome and he and his wife, Christine, have been lifesavers for us on many an occasion.* Anyway, it should come as no shocker that poor Emma was pretty horrible the whole flight. There was much wailing and gnashing of (two) teeth. We were lucky enough to have a direct flight which was pretty fortunate because I would have given up and spent our vacation in whatever city we had our layover in had that been the case. It also didn't help that the lady sitting next to me gave us dirty looks that screamed "Why can't you control your child!?!" the whole flight. BOO!

You can tell how distraught she was by her hand placements

Emma, of course, had a major blowout during the flight and I had taken out the wipes from my diaper bag in the car during our fruitless attempts for a nap and had forgotten to put them back in. Fortunately, I spotted a family with some youngsters on the way back to the bathroom and they were kind enough to let us use some of theirs. But of course, I failed to locate the alternate outfit should such a thing happen and so our child ended up looking like this for the rest of the flight.

And the winner of the worst mother of the year award go to....

"But what about that baby Benadryl???" Ah! Yes that kicked in pretty much the second we got OFF the plane. Better late than never, I suppose. She was pretty loopy in the car ride...for about a half hour before she snapped out of it and realized she still hadn't had a nap. Can't win for losing!


Flight aside, our trip was fantastic. Daniel stayed for the weekend and had to return to P-town early for school but Emma and I stayed a few extra days. It was super relaxing and Emma loved her first visit to Nana and Grampa's, but we definitely missed the daddy while we were away. Emma and I skyped Daniel most nights and holy cow it was so adorable to see our little girl's face light up when she saw her dad on that computer screen each time. Melted my heart! 

Emma fell in love with my parent's kitchen sink for bath time and she became a prune every night we were there. 

Saying goodbye to Nana!

Unsurprisingly, I was terrified for my solo flight home with Emma. Due to some serious directional challenges my mother and I are both blessed with (seriously, we are doomed when it's just the two of us navigating...even with a GPS), we got the airport RIGHT before our plane left. This actually ended up being a blessing because there was no waiting to board! However, I got to my seat and found that it was a middle seat in between this sweet, very understanding, older woman and a teenage boy. I knew I was in for it. Emma did really well for the first ten minutes and then reverted back to flight #1 behavior. I did the best I could, but I really can't blame her for not wanting to sit still in my lap for an hour and a half (I know, that's a really short flight but with a baby it feels like about 10 hours). I decided to take her to the bathroom to see if she needed to be changed and to just get out of that seat and move around a bit. When we got out of the bathroom, I just plopped down in an empty aisle in the back and let Emma sprawl out. LIFESAVER!!! I left Emma with her self-proclaimed on flight grandma airline attendant so I could go grab our stuff and bring it back. I figured if the lady wanted to kidnap my child, there weren't many places she could run. Plus, she had great hair so I figured we were safe. Undoubtedly, our flight home was MUCH better than when we flew to CA and I am no longer scarred forever of flying with a baby. 

Much better!

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