Tuesday, October 1, 2013

4th of July and Other Shenanigans

Wow am I behind on life's happenings here at the Kelser household! We had a super fun 4th of July! We got together with some totally wonderful couples in our ward for a bbq at the park by our complex followed by some serious partying at the rec center afterwards. It was our cute friend Bennett's first birthday so Emma got to attend her first birthday party! And then of course we topped off the day with some sweet fireworks. Unfortunately, the only good pictures I snagged of the entire day are of my sweet girl, and only after she had pooped through her cute festive onesie that her grandma Kesler got (though I did manage to snag a phone pic of her).

Not the best quality but still a cute pic!

The weather was so nice and onesie #2 was pretty cute so we had an impromptu photoshoot! I'm a wee bit obsessed about the following pictures. My girl is GORGEOUS!

On to Bennett's birthday party!

Hangin with Dad!

This cute boy is ONE!

Cute little Bennett was so tender with his cake. He didn't dive right in, but instead gingerly touched the cake and accepted bites from momma. It was pretty adorable. Since Bennett didn't dig in, we ate it! YUM!

Hanging out with the babes after the party before we put her down for bed. We really love this little girl. 

And a few pics from a weekend with friends from just about forever ago. 

This is a horrifically washed out picture, but it was funny enough that I just had to include it

Cool dude!

Shannon is one of my favorite people in the whole world

Um ok, the Hubs is a hottie

I obviously have the coolest helmet ever.

Taken through a window as I tried to console my sweet child

And just one more random picture of Emma girl because she's adorable. 

This girl loves her daddy :)

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