Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pre-Baby Catch Up

Towards the end of the pregnancy, things got a bit busy. Actually I wasn't busy with anything besides sleeping, complaining about aches, and impatiently awaiting the arrival of the sweet babes. Thus, I seriously slacked on documenting life's lovely events. Here it goes.

My little brother came home from his mission in April! His homecoming was pretty well-timed as it was literally the last week I was allowed to travel bring pregnant. We were just so excited for this guy to come home! Daniel had finals so the unborn babes and I flew out alone to party with the fam bam. Funny story. We arrive at the airport with time to spare (anyone who knows us knows this is actually pretty impressive) and are waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs for dear Elder van Overbeek to come gliding down.

We keep waiting and waiting and even checked with the information lady to make sure we were in the right place when all of a sudden my dad gets a call from the man of the hour himself! Dalin had borrowed a phone to call and ask where the heck we were as his plane had landed on time and his welcoming party consisted of an empty baggage claim area. Turns out he arrived in a different terminal. Sad, right? So of course we race over to the other terminal for the long awaited reunion. Tears were shed. Hugs were given. And lots and lots of just staring and smiling at dear Dalin. 

(the Juice is back to Golden Child status)

This guy was super excited to drive the beast home from the airport

Dalin's homecoming was that weekend and all of our bestest friends from San Jose came up to welcome him home! It was SO awesome to see everyone and we are just so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive friends. 

Dalin and Nathaniel reunited at last!

The kids of all our families minus a few

Da Mommas!

VOB kids! Lando changed out of his Sunday clothes as SOON as we got in the house

Everyone sat down after church and asked Dalin about his mission. It was really fun to hear about his cool experiences and catch up on the last two years.

 The weekend was super crazy and busy so we were really excited to go out to dinner with just our family. We went to Red Robin which I love but also love to make fun of my dad for loving (it's on his list of rut restaurants). I had just recently gotten my new camera and so I was testing it out by taking close-ups.

This is where my Dad's photo should be. It's a pretty funny one which means I probably would have gotten a call telling me to take it off ;)

Beautiful Hales

Notice my creepy sister in the background


Beautiful momma!

While waiting for our food, Dalin started telling Chuck Norman jokes. For some reason, my dad thought they were the funniest things he had ever heard. I think I laughed more watching my dad laugh. Love that guy. 

Do you see how he's almost crying?

Missing Maddy at this dinner!

We also got to go see Maddy perform with her school choir and they did a fantastic job!

Last exciting event of the trip. My mom threw me a baby shower! She was totally amazing to take time to do this considering what a crazy weekend it was. I have the best mom :)

And while we're on the subject of baby showers...Janice and Ness threw the most amazing baby shower here in Provo. Seriously I can't believe how much work they put into this thing...especially considering Janice is pregnant and has a cute little guy running around at home. I am SO lucky.  Take a look at this freaking amazing shower.

Can I just say that this table was overflowing with gifts because I have the greatest friends in the whole world. I really do. 

My beautiful aunt, cousin, and grandma

Seriously though. I'm constantly surrounded by beautiful people. My lovely sister-in-law and mother-in-law

My zesty bestie Nestie!!!

Me showing off my multi-tasking skills

I honestly have the best, most beautiful friends in the whole world

We hung out with Chris, Janice, Janice's mom, and the chubbers for a while after the shower. We sure do love that cute little boy.

Wassup man?!

Ethan LOVED throwing rocks into the river. Cutest thing ever.

And here is the aftermath of my baby showers (including the awesome one my coworkers threw me). We seriously are just so lucky to have such wonderful and supportive friends.

Before Emma came Daniel discovered giant sized marshmallows and we made quite a few s'mores with them.

And I threw a bridal shower for this lovely lady!

I don't think I ever felt more pregnant than this day for some reason. Hot, fat, and exhausted. Woo hoo!

Last but certainly not least, we made a final childless trip to the temple in Draper. 

The temple grounds were so pretty!

If you made it all the way through this post, congratulations! It was definitely a long haul. 


  1. That was a LOT of loot you got!!

  2. I love your blog and I cruise it frequently! You're as gorgeous as ever and your baby is precious! I miss you girly!