Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lake Powell 2013

So we had the BEST vacation this summer. We were lucky enough to spend a week on an absolutely amazing houseboat at Lake Powell with friends and family. It was incredibly beautiful and the weather was perfect! Our days were filled with tubing, cliff jumping, jet skiing, wakeboarding, sun bathing, lounging, etc. It was amazing. And our sweet little baby was incredibly well-behaved!...which might be because she had an endless number of admirers to hold her at all times of the day. Little Miss Emma was pretty dang spoiled the whole week. I could go on and on about what we did all week but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Um hello cutest baby ever

Poor dad got something stuck in his toe

Baby's first dunk in the lake!

Emma couldn't decide if she liked being in the lake at first

Daniel doesn't do normal pictures ;)

'Floating' on her back!

My biker babe

Emma loved her 'Doug time'

Preparing all the fireworks

Always a comfy shoulder to fall asleep on

The beauty these two posess never ceases to amaze me

Dalin and Jamison graced everyone with lovely pink short bathing suits. Lovely. 

These cute boys absolutely loved watching the babes. So tender!

Kay and Max caught a bunch of fish one morning and she and Daniel ended up cleaning/gutting all of them. Gross. Those two worked so hard in the hot sun while the rest of us watched for a while. 

Haley jumped in to clean one fish

The two hard workers with their grilled fish!

Love this cutie patootie

Taking a break from all the fun 

These two are best buddies :)

The boys were on the jet skiis all week long

The beautiful kitchen

The houseboat was pretty much to die for. Group shot!

Love my family

Not sure Haley and I share the same genes

Love these two

May have gone a little crazy with the photo editing on this one...

She really was wonderful pretty much the whole time

Grandma loves smooching on this baby!

Madison is so cool

I think it's pretty obvious where I get my good looks

This picture of Emma kills me

This is a horrible picture but I had to include it because of the stunning look on my daughter's face

I have to end with just a few pictures of beautiful Lake Powell. I honestly was in awe the whole week of that gorgeous lake. And the CLOUDS!!! The clouds were to die for!!! I'm a bit embarrassed of how many cloud pictures I have...

Thank you to my wonderful parents and the fabulous Triplett family for having us on the houseboat. Highlight of our summer! 

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