Saturday, May 11, 2013

We're Having a Baby... less than a week. LESS THAN A WEEK, PEOPLE! I can't believe Baby Girl's arrival is so close. And no, we still don't have a name. I know, we're slackin. However, we have finally cleaned out the office and set up all her furniture, so she may be nameless but at least this baby will have a place to sleep and be changed. Halleluja! Daniel gets to take all the credit for that one because...I was not made to put together furniture. He spent hours putting everything together. Such a trooper.

To give an idea of the major transformation this room had...

Check out that closet! Baby girl sure is loved already :)

Once the room was cleaned out, the building began!

This guy is so cute

You can see my lounging foot above. Don't worry, I read to the Hubs the whole time he was working.

And then, the finished product! Not quite done decorating, but it's coming along !

We're super excited for this girl to come and putting together the nursery makes it all the more real! My last day of work was not too long ago and it feels so good to just be a bit of a lazy bum for this last little while before the big day. Though I will say I've been working that bum off to finish re-upholstering the chair you see in the corner there. This is the closest picture you will get because although it looks pretty good from afar, that dear thing has MANY flaws. But it's finished...that's all that matters ;)

Recently, I've been having a lot of mixed feelings about baby girl's arrival. One the one hand, there are just a few things about being pregnant that I'm ready to be done with. Shall we look at some of the 'perks' of the last few weeks?

*Warning, the below list is pretty much me just whining. I considered leaving it out, but I actually do want to remember all of these things regardless of how they might make me feel right now. So all friends contemplating getting pregnant as well as those who don't enjoy listening to whiners (so...everyone?) please just skip straight to the second list about the perks of pregnancy ;)

-I'm tired all day every day. After I get up in the morning and get ready (assuming that happens), I'm ready for a nap. Oh yeah.
-I now officially know what it feels like to be old. My limbs and joints ache endlessly. Oh and my back! I honestly have trouble walking sometimes in the morning and night because I ache so badly. The Hubs is getting an idea of what its going to be like to be married to me in 40 years.
-I'm always congested. Especially at night. this means I can't breathe through my nose and so I breathe through my mouth thus giving me a tongue that feels like cotton. Oh and it makes me snore, so sometimes poor Daniel relocates to the couch. 
-I'm just plain huge these days. Long has it been since I could to turn to the side to better fit through a small space. Sometimes I just don't even know what to do with myself.
-My body now sweats at least 293874392847x more than it used to, especially since it's started to warm up around here. I'm finding I now do more laundry because I change shirts halfway through the day. Gross, right? I'm well aware of how gross I am, trust me.
-I'm ready for baby girl to be here. Especially on Sundays after seeing the bajillion darling babies in our ward. I want to join that club! 
-I sleep horribly most nights and now have to take a nap during the day. Unfortunately, the people who live behind us decided to become chicken owners and put up their chicken coop in the farthest corner of the backyard from their own bedroom...which just happens to be RIGHT BELOW our bedroom and kitchen. So I'll try to nap during the day but am constantly thwarted by the devil calls of these chickens. Their sounds are impossible to escape. I hear them everywhere, even in the bathroom via the vents. I'm thinking of buying a bb gun soon... (Good news, though! Animal Control came and checked it out and it looks like the people are moving in a few days so hopefully that will be the end of these things!) *update- they've moved! Though for some reason I feel the need to remember that experience
-And last but certainly not least, my feet have finally swollen up! I say finally, but really they could have been like this for a while- I just never wear anything but jeans or long skirts until recently. Holy moly I now have no ankles whatsoever. Total canklage going on. Sweet Daniel keeps telling me I do NOT have cankles...but I think the picture below is proof enough ;)

Check out these puppies!

On the other hand, there have been some seriously amazing things about being prenant. I mean it. Let's go through some of the wonderful miracles (which you should really read after my list of complaints above):

-People are REALLY nice to pregnant women. Really nice. They take one look at the belly and all of a sudden you are that little old lady crossing the street that everyone wants to help. It's awesome and I think going from this to people giving me death stares because my baby is screaming is going to be a bit of an adjustment. 
-I get to feel sweet baby girl moving and growing inside of me (which sometimes belongs on the previous say at 3 am?). I actually love feeling her party in my belly all the time. I especially love when she is moving around enough for people to notice that my belly is shifting. It definitely creeps some people out (it does look pretty weird), but I think it's totally amazing. 
-Preparing for this little girl to come has been so much fun. Her room is by far the cutest room in the 
-Being pregnant has been one of the biggest growing experiences (both literally and figuratively, haha!) I've ever had. I'm slowly learning that life has SO much more to offer than I could have ever imagined and I'm sure I'll feel that way even more once Baby Girl is here. I feel like I have learned so much about myself (man, I can sure be cranky sometimes ;) and have grown so much closer to not only the sweet Hubs but my Heavenly Father. I have grown so much more appreciative of the sanctity of marriage and the institution of families and can't wait for my love and knowledge of these things to grow even more. 

This list may be shorter in points than the one above, but its benefits are infinitely more lasting and important. 

Anyway, this will (hopefully) be my last pregnant post! Quick catch-up on the belly pics (though it's only going to be two and missing some weeks because since Dalin is home from his mission and I don't write him once a week anymore, I struggle remembering to document the belly).

37 Weeks

39 Weeks! Nice and big :)

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  1. So excited for the babe! And btw, you've washed most of those outfits by now, right? At least the 0-3 stuff? Because come a few won't really want to, but your little one will want fresh, clean clothes! And don't botton/zip anything after you've unbuttoned/washed them. 'Cause all you're going to do is unbutton them again and that's just one less thing you (ok, I :) wanted to do. And way to go on a fab husband, construction man and all!