Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad Day 2013

I have a lot to catch up on here (I mean, a LOT), but we're going to postpone that stuff so I can dedicate a post to Father's Day. Holy moly am I feeling blessed today. Blessed to have been raised by such a good man. Blessed to have married into a family that was raised by a good man. Blessed to have married the good man that I did who is now helping raise our sweet Emma. I couldn't have asked for better men in my life and am so lucky to have them and learn from their great examples.

My dad is a pretty cool guy. He is up on all the new and 'hip' music and has the dance moves to match. He is a super star dirt bike rider and has the scars to prove it. He loves my mom. He also loves spreadsheets, laughing at his own jokes, and giving free (mostly welcome) advice ;) He loves talking with his kids and is so good about setting solid time aside for his family. I remember growing up and taking bike rides with him every Saturday where we would end the adventure with a slurpee run at 7-11 and sit on the curb sipping those puppies. Dad would take me on daddy-daughter dates and made me feel like a million bucks. He taught me the importance of quiet service time and time again. Dad has always worked SO hard to provide for his family and when I entered the dating world for keeps, he was the guy the other guys had to measure up to. I love my dad. I'm so grateful for his example, his time, and his love. Here's to you, big guy!

My Father-in-law is a pretty cool guy as well (Daniel had to get it from somewhere, right?). He loves anything chocolate and diet pepsi. I know I can always find chocolate in the house or count on him for an ice cream run because he is always game (he was obviously meant to be my father-in-law). He surfs, flys planes, and golfs a lot. He LOVES his grandkids and those kids are so stinking lucky to have him as their grandpa. Dad-in-law is always serving those around him and is one of the most generous guys I know. Most importantly, he gave me that hunk below (...on the right ;) and taught him to be the amazing husband and father that he is and for that I will forever be in his debt. Love this guy. 

The person I'm grateful for the most right now is this guy. 

It's amazing to me that I continue to love this man more and more each day. He never ceases to amaze me with the sweet and thoughtful things he does and I frequently sit back and marvel at the dad he is to baby girl. The hubs has really been superman these past few weeks and I can't imagine going through this life without him. He has done more than his fair share helping out around the house, getting up at night with Emma, and taking care of me. I'm getting over mastitis right now and this guy has given me the princess treatment for the last week (even more so than normal). He's taken off work to pretty much do everything so that I can rest and feel better. I love this guy. I love being married to my best friend. I love knowing that my Emma and the kids coming in the future have a dad who loves them and will do everything in his power to provide for and protect this family. Thanks sweet babes for being the best dad and husband I could ever dream of having. Love you.

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