Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference Goodness

We just had the greatest conference weekend EVER. We got the chance to spend the weekend in a hotel-like cabin in the middle of this heavenly forest. So. Beautiful. And we were with some pretty fantastic couples, which really made the trip. AND we got to listen to conference. Holy moly I can't even name all the talks I need to go through again. So grateful for the inspiration and guidance of God's Prophet and Apostles on the earth today.

We got up to the service and internet-free cabin (which was actually wonderful) Friday night and Shawn and the Hubs got to work right away chopping up firewood. In the garage. In their socks. 

And then all the men started using their boyscout skills to build a blazing fire for us to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. 

We were pretty proud of these tough boys


We then proceeded to play the hilarious game of reverse charades, boys vs girls of course! This game is so stinking fun and I'm pretty sure we just laughed through the whole thing. Especially when the boys were up- those guys were GOOD!...and totally kicked out butts. 

This was pretty common...taking way too much time to think it out :)

building a fire?

And then the boys spent over half an hour playing basketball with marshmallows, which was pretty fun to watch. I think we made a bit of a sticky mess.

And then conference began! We thoroughly appreciated the abundance of comfy couches and good company while we listened to conference on the radio. Old school, I know. It was awesome. 

And then I got distracted. By a REALLY cute baby belonging to the Swensons. Baby Bennett is the CUTEST and I could not stop taking pictures of him the whole weekend...as you will be very aware of later in the post. 

Beautiful Brittany and cute Baby Bennett

Seriously though, he was like this the WHOLE trip. 

Love this little family!

My post wouldn't be complete without a picture of this handsome man

There may have also been quite a few naps...

The men rocking their sweet jackets we found in the cabin

My face is getting fat. I'm pregnant, ok?

And then I REALLY went picture crazy. But really, could you blame me if you had a subject this darling?

The boys discovered some old school video games and had a bunch of fun with that. Male bonding. Very tender. 

Matt is the most tender dad to this sweet kid

Our view from the cabin. Gorgeous, right?

We should have gotten a group picture before the Howells left early, but here we are! We had such a fantastic time with these couples and are SO grateful we were cool enough to get an invite from the Swensons to spend the weekend with them (ok, we're not cool...they're just really nice). Thanks again, guys! 

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