Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthday and Easter!

I am now the ripe old age of 23. Just kidding, I know that's not old. I won't be old until I'm 67. Duh. Anyway, I had an uh-mazing birthday. Mostly because I have a great husband. Shocking, I know. Anyway, my day started out...early. Baby girl decided to help me celebrate my big day by waking up at 4:30 AM and partying. Hard. And I was pretty achy so I didn't fall back asleep until around 7:30 AM. That put back the birthday plans a bit. When I woke up, there were mason jars with tulips and candles leading to...the bathroom! Following the sign, I opened up the shower curtain (trusting this wouldn't end up like a slasher film) to find it filled with balloons and a big box at the bottom. I took this out to the living room to find the Hubs making a delicious breakfast and opened up my present. What was it?!? A camera! And not just any camera! A Canon Rebel T3i! Only the very thing I've been wanting for just about forever (besides a miniature human). I was pretty excited.

Ain't she a beaut?!?

I had to go into work for a few hours (boo) and was pleasantly surprised to find this lovely thing waiting for me:

I work with some pretty awesome girls. PLUS my dear friend, Shasta, dropped by some starburst jellybeans, which she KNOWS are my favorite. Bless her. Then the Hubs picked me up from work and we headed up to Ogden where his parents took us all out to steak for my birthday dinner. I know, I'm incredibly spoiled. Be jealous. 

Saturday we had a little Easter Egg Hunt for the little chubsters, Ethan. He didn't quite grasp the concept of 'gathering' the eggs, but would instead find one, come sit on my lap, and once I opened it for him, would eat the one or two jellybeans inside before starting it over again. Love that kid. AND he was the perfect model for my first big shoot with the new camera! 

Beautiful tulips the Hubs got me :)


the Chubbers was a bit more interested in the sprinklers than the eggs

Cute guy

Licking his sticky fingers from eating jellybeans. YUM!

Love this little guy

Turns out my mother-in-law is a total babe

And back to the sprinkler again...

Cheeks from heaven!

This lovely lady produced one of the cutest kids on the planet

Artsy farsty shot that...I don't know how I took 

That belly...LOVE!

We had such a fun Easter weekend with the fam and are so lucky to live so close to them. Love you, Keslers!

On another note, my belly is still growing like no one's business. I start having weekly doctor's appointments starting next week. When the heck did I get far along enough for that to happen? So weird. Baby girl (STILL nameless) has begun to kick me harder than I ever thought possible. Seriously though, this girl is STRONG. I don't know how I ever complained about her kicking me hard before, because this is way beyond what my body has experienced previously. Do I sound like a whiner? I don't mean to. I actually love feeling baby girl moving around so much...it's just that sometimes I would love it if she was asleep at 4 am instead having a party. And maybe I wish my bladder was located anywhere else than consistently right by her ever moving fists. But I digress. Baby girl is going to be here REALLY soon and we're pretty excited. We don't have anything set up for her arrival, but we're working on it...next week...ish. 

34 Weeks!

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