Monday, March 25, 2013

President's Weekend 2013

The Hubs and I made a last-minute trip on President's weekend to St. George to visit Daniel's mission president and his wife and to do a little hiking. And to soak up the sun. And to get away from dreary, dirty, iversionized Provo. What a good choice this was on our part. Well done, us. President and Sister Headlee let us stay with them Fri-Mon even though President Headlee's brother and his family were visiting as well. Plus they had a Sunday dinner feast and invited a bunch of guys from the mission over. These guys are truly the greatest. We had so much fun spending some solid time with them and appreciate their graciousness and fun personalities. 

Dan and I got the chance to visit Zion National Park one of our days up in St. George and because Sister Headlee is the BOMB she let me borrow her super sweet camera to snap some shots during out day trip. I'd never been to Zion before and was absolutely in awe of how gorgeous it was. Of course, the mid 60s weather helped as well. Seriously though, this place is so beautiful. We picked one of the hikes rated as 'easy' on our little guide and were excited to go see the promised Emerald Pools. Yeah, we never got there. Somehow we got on some other hike that led us to a dead end...after we'd been hiking for three hours up a huge incline. We decided that we should have just hiked Angel's Landing. Does anyone remember that I did this all while pregnant? It was actually pretty great, I'm just a bit of a whiner. It was so great spending the day with the Hubs in this beautiful park with the sun shining and the air so clean and fresh. We could have stayed there all day. Gorgeous. 

Hello old man gut!

We were kind of tired at this point

We really had such a fantastic trip and are so thankful to the Headlees and their hospitality. Love those guys! Thanks again! 

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