Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Good Life

I keep thinking that as soon as I'm done with work and baby girl is here, I'll have all this time to keep up on the blog...until I remember that babies are actually a lot of work. Go figure. But I am getting better! At least this catch-up is from this year!

*Random thought. Remember when movies played a TON of credits before the movie actually started? I'm sitting here watching 'The Sound of Music' and I keep thinking the movie is actually going to start soon but this list keeps on going! Bless the person who decided to put the majority of the credits after the movie was over.

Anyway, on to the good stuff...

My big Christmas present to Daniel was a pair of tickets to the Jazz/Heat game in January. We had a great time watching the game, especially since we don't have any tv channels at home so we never get to watch the games. Ok, the Hubs never gets to watch the games. I probably wouldn't watch too many of them anyway, but we really had a great time that night. And the Jazz won! 

We ate ourselves sick up in Ogden for the superbowl. YUMMMM!

We met with a bunch of guys from Dan's mission for lunch one day. Lots of story-telling and reminiscing. These guys are awesome. 

This picture sums up how miserable January was. Yes, this is indeed the inside of our bedroom. Granted, we sleep with a humidifier on at night, so that probably didn't help, but STILL! No one should ever be this cold. Ever. 

One of the most exciting things that has happened in the last little while is one of my very best friends getting engaged! My friend, Amorette, is in living legends with one of the guys from her mission (who also happens to now be her fiance) and they had their big performance at BYU last month. Amorette's parents were in town for the show and a bunch of her family (who are seriously awesome) also came down for the show. The show was fantastic, but the after show was the really exciting part. I was in charge of blindfolding and distracting Am while we drove with her parents out to the frozen lake where Derrick was waiting a ways out on the ice for her. I'm sure he said some very nice things (we weren't out there with them) and then popped the question! Very tender. And I am so very excited for Am and Derrick! 

After the show

On the way to the lake, listening to a recording from her love

Where the magic is happening!

Daniel's cousin, Katie, got her mission call to Thailand! We think she is absolutely wonderful for making such an awesome decision to serve the good people of Thailand for 18 months and are so excited to hear about her future adventures.  

After the grand mission call opening, we spent the day hanging out with Dan's parents. We went to Cabella's, the ice cream parlor (yum), the aquarium, and out to dinner at a yummy Mexican place in SLC. Yeah, we are pretty lucky. 

Please excuse this fat picture of me. 

And last, but certainly not least, I bought some cute things for baby girl. If anyone had any idea how much self-control I exercise on a daily basis to not buy her every cute thing I see, I would be the owner of many fine trophies. However, my self-control left me as I registered this last weekend. Seriously though, would you have been able to pass these by? Didn't think so...

Just lovin the good life!

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  1. I think you are the soul of restraint. But those are seriously cute duds for the little one.