Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nameless Forever (AND Belly Blog #2!)

It is no secret that the Hubs and I are struggling naming baby girl. For the longest time, I kept thinking that we were having such a hard time because Daniel is really picky. However, I recently had an epiphany...the problem is actually ME (not one of my favorite epiphanies...)! I realize that I have given the Hubs a list of approved names to choose from several times now and each time he has chosen at least one he likes and each time, without fail, I think..."Ehhhhh....I don't know how I feel about that one." What's the poor guy to do?! I'm impossible, and I admit it. The thing is, naming a human being is actually a pretty big deal. It's just so...permanent. And that scares me. I really struggle with big decisions (or any decision for that matter), and this one is a whammy. What if we name her a name that I don't end up liking? What if it doesn't fit her personality? What if she grows up and curses our names forever for what we've done to her in the name department? How the heck does anyone name their child? Anyway, baby girl is still just baby girl. We have a few names that we like but that I haven't been totally attached to yet:

Aspen (Dan's Favorite)
Sadie (ok, only I like this one)

Wish us luck with that one. Other than the name drama, things are going great. Baby girl and I are healthy and ever growing. Daniel is making a list of all the things she is going to be grounded for as soon as she comes, and it mainly consists of treating my bladder like a punching bag. It's getting so bad that I will sometimes cry out loud in surprise/pain. At least I know she's strong. I've also had my first braxton hicks contractions. Woo hoo for preparation! The first one woke me up in the middle of the night and I was so incredibly confused, but tired enough that I thought, "Well that was weird" and went back to sleep. Other than that, I've just been extremely exhausted and perturbed by my returning nausea. At least this time around, the end is in sight!!!

I wish I were better at just posting one of these a week, but I'm not and it's too late to change now so here is another overload of belly pictures (just what you wanted, right?).

27 Weeks...which NOW seems so small

28 Weeks

29 Weeks

30 Weeks

31 Weeks...Honoring St. Patty's Day!

32 Weeks

33 Weeks and lookin huge! 

Not too much longer till the babes is done cookin! 


  1. Whooo almost there! I'll add my two cents because I know how hard naming a babe is! One of my BIGGEST criteria is that they won't be one of ten in their school classes. So even though I think Lily is a darling name there are like a bazillion. But I love the other names! Especially Skye, Sadie, and Mae :)

  2. I KNOW!!! Of course we had a few solid boy names we liked, but we're having a girl *which we're of course excited about. How much longer until you guys know what you're having? So exciting!