Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Lovin

Today I've seen many facebook updates and blog posts all about people and how much they love their significant other. Cheesy? Maybe. But what is a day of love about if not to gush a bit? I fully support it. Life can use a bit of mushy stuff here and there.

I've thought a lot lately about how blessed Daniel and I are. We really have so much to be thankful for and I constantly catch myself thinking, 'Man, we really have the good life.' I think this is especially true when it comes to the Hubs. Not to be prideful or anything, but boy did I chose a winner for a husband. This guy constantly amazes me with his thoughtfulness, kind heart, and sweet spirit. Yes, he is indeed a sweet spirit. But still incredibly good-looking. He works SO hard for our family but always makes time for me. He has been so great during this pregnancy and has taken such good care of me and I truly couldn't ask for a better best friend. Daniel can make me laugh like no one else, and makes sure he does that at least once a day. I know he loves me because he tells me every day, and because he treats me like the best thing that ever happened to him. It's funny because it's common to hear that after the first year or so you move out of the honeymoon stage and on to real life. I'm finding that while our first year of marriage was by far my best and most favorite year of existence, our marriage and life just gets better with time. I'm one lucky girl to call this guy mine and can't wait to spend oodles more years finding more reasons to say 'I love you.'

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