Friday, February 15, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent this Thanksgiving in Eldo with the vobs! The last time the Hubs and I had both back to my house was when we were married, and that pretty much didn't count because it was so busy so we were super excited to spend a few days there. The weather was pretty perfect and we soaked up that great time with my family. We were bummed it wasn't a longer trip, but had such a wonderful time shopping (my awesome mom loaded me up with maternity clothes. Thanks, momma!), eating, lounging, walking around apple hill, and attending one of my Uncle's 60th birthday party.

The morning of Thanksgiving, we went and did the local turkey trot. It was a great way to start off our day...especially a day so full of stuffing our faces. I really enjoyed walking and catching up with my parents and Haley while the Hubs ran with the Juice and Maddy (overachievers....). The best part, however, was when my mom got a phone call from none other than Elder van Overbeek! He had some random thing he needed to get help with from my parents and immediately made it very clear that he was only calling on official business, but that did stop Haley and I from yelling hello into the phone. Even though we didn't get to hear his voice, it was such a great surprise!

On the way to trot our hineys off!

The runners had already left us at this point

Everyone showing off their bellies. Haley is obviously sucking in...

After the turkey trot. I made the Hubs take a picture with me and as you can tell, he was super excited about it ;)

We spent one of the days up at Prairie City dirtbiking and brought along our cousin, Marcus. It was so good to hang out with him and hear how well he is doing. He is graduating this year and just got accepted into Chico State! We are so proud of what a great dude he is and are so lucky to have him as a cousin.

Apparently this is my dirtbike riding stance

the Juice all geared up and ready to ride!

Dad with his girls

My cute parents

the Juice and the girls goofing around on the quad

My dear, dear sister Maddy 

Ow ow!!!

These guys had a really muddy ride and were SOAKED in mud

After a long day of riding, we were famished and went to stuff our faces at in-n-out. Um, yum.

the Hubs had had a REALLY long day...

We took a trip up to apple hill and walked around for a while with the fam but I only got a picture of Daniel and I because I'm selfish like that. It was so beautiful and filled with fall colors but really the best part was the caramel apples, apple donuts, and apple cider. Um, yum. 

This video below was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The girls trying to beat up my husband. You can judge for yourself how much they succeeded ;)

At the end of our trip we got to party! My uncle Jesus turned 60 and his kids threw him an awesome masquerade party. They went all out with outside heaters, amazing decorations and food, and even a picture taking spot complete with props. I was thoroughly impressed. 

All the cousins with Uncle Jesus!

Apparently Daniel and Maddy missed the normal face memo ;)

If you couldn't tell, we had an amazing time in Eldo with the vobs. The trip definitely wasn't long enough, but we took what we could get! The exciting thing is, the next time we are all together, we will REALLY be all together because Dalin will be home from his mission in the Netherlands/Belgium! Stay tuned....

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