Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Belly

Get ready for a bunch of pictures of...ME! I was originally planning on updating my blog more than every few months and was trying to post a picture every week but obviously that didn't happen. So you lovely folks get to see the last few months of growth all at once! I've been pretty good about documenting the belly every week but for some reason a few weeks totally escaped me. 


13 (I remember thinking I was huge here. HA!)



 22 (you can see my belly button is starting to pop out like nobody's business)



25 (Daniel hates this shirt, by the way)


Wednesday will mark the beginning of the third trimester! We're in the home stretch! I feel our (still nameless) baby girl kicking all the time and I totally love it. Even at 3 in the morning. The other day I had Daniel come feel her having a party down there because it was especially crazy and every time she kicked he would bust up laughing. I wish I would have gotten a video clip of it because it was pretty dang funny. He said he felt like she was doing some karate kicks in there and that if was like this little alien was moving around inside me. Pretty cool. So excited to meet this little girl! 

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  1. I'm SO excited to photography your tummy! :) You are so stinkin cute! Love u