Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cousin Weddings!

Between Daniel and I, we have had three cousins get married in the last few months. Tis the season, right?

My cousin Mason and cute Ashley got married in August (ok, so maybe that's more than just a few months ago. So what?) It was so great to have such a happy thing to celebrate and have family in town for. The only sad part was that the Hubs was in SoCal for his best friend's wedding on the same day. We were bummed that we couldn't be at both weddings together, but had a great time nonetheless. 

I look at these pictures now and want to cry. I don't know if that bod will ever return...without the help of some extensive surgery. 

Cousin picture! 

How cute are they?!

My mom and her sisters. You'd never know they were related, huh ;)


LOVED her cake! 

Then my other cousin (Mason's sister), Brooke, got married in December! It was funny because the first time we met A.J., her now husband, was at Mason and Ashley's reception in August! Their timeline was pretty close to Daniel's and mine when we were dating/engaged/ ;)

I got to host Brookie's bridal shower with one of her cute roommates and it was so fun! I just love party planning and had such a fun time putting together a shin-dig to celebrate wonderful Brookie. Daniel, however, told me I'm not allowed to plan any more parties in the near future because apparently I turn into a crazy person the night before/morning of. I have no idea what he's talking about ;) The hubs was so great to help out so much and totally saved my hide helping me get everything together that morning. Love that guy. 

The goods

Brookie totally not feeling awkward as she opened her scandalous gifts :)

My family sure has some wonderful ladies! 

Then came the big day! It was absolutely freeze-you-butt-off-cold outside at the Timanogos Temple, but the ceremony was so beautiful and Brooke and A.J. were just so happy and in love that I don't know if they even noticed. 

I just think this is the most tender picture. I think this is when everyone was yelling for them to kiss.

The bridesmaids with the beautiful bride!

The night was filled with some seriously good cake, lots of friends and family, and some pretty crazy dancing. I even got Daniel to dance with me for a little bit. Succes! 

Just a few days after Brooke and A.J.'s wedding, we headed down to sunny socal for Daniel's cousin's wedding. We were super appreciative to Krystal for deciding to get married in the San Diego temple as it was at least 928374298374 degrees warmer than Provo. 

Uncle Daniel and 'Tian waiting for the couple to emerge from the Temple!

Cute Pricey and his Daddy

The only picture I managed to snag of us that day

Toto being VERY patient waiting outside ;)

The happy couple!

All the kiddos were extremely happy to leave and get some food in their bellies and go down for a nap. was I

Beautiful San Diego Temple! 

We are so blessed to have been able to have three cousins get married in the Temple over the last few months. Congrats you guys! 

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