Monday, February 25, 2013

Random Things from the Last Few Months

Voting season came and went. I didn't register in time (I went in the day after the deadline, how lame am I?!), so I was a bit of a stinker about making sure Daniel voted...even though we were pretty sure Utah would end up supporting Romney ;) I picked him up from school after he'd had a super busy day, and drove him straight to the library where the voting was taking place. He was exhausted and starving, but I was determined. Then we walked inside. The picture below truly doesn't do the line justice. I swear it wound around the entire building and then some. The wait had to be well over an hour, but that did not stop me...until I got hungry. We made it a whopping 20 minutes before I decided that I too was famished and I was going to die if I didn't eat immediately (I'm so happy I'm not married to a pregnant woman. We're crazy), so we left. So much for supporting. I had good intentions, and I figure that has got to count for something. Go America! 

The hubs needed a new pillow so we headed to Wal-Mart to test some out. You can't buy a new pillow until you KNOW your head appreciates it. 

Daniel tried on some new faces...

Our tire died and the Hubs braved the cold to change it out. We had the worst knut/bolt remover thing so it took Daniel us a good 25 minutes just to remove them. The frustration of that paired with the stinging of bare fingers touching cold metal meant it was quite the ordeal. But my man pulled through and handled it like a champ!

We got a new car!!! Well not new, but new to us. We figured our cute 2-door Honda Civic won't bode too well with a car seat once baby girl comes so it was time for a change. We scored a great deal on this beautiful baby and couldn't be happier. We are so blessed to have gotten this car and if anyone is looking for a 2-door honda civic, we can hook you up! 

Oh 4 doors how I love you

I had a serious case of 'pregnancy brain' a while back and ran a red light. Pregnancy brain is REAL!

And last but certainly not least, we found out we are having a baby GIRL! This is old news to most people, but I never posted pictures about it. We baked a pink cake and covered it in chocolate frosting and drove up to North Ogden for the big reveal. I was most excited to tell the Hubs' mom because she has REALLY wanted another granddaughter in the family. We were more than happy to oblige ;)

Janice KNEW we were having a girl because she said we wouldn't torment Dan's mom by driving all the way down there with this big reveal if it were a boy ;)

As you can see, I was very excited to hear my mother-in-law's reaction

Just havin fun livin the good life :)

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  1. i'm all about random posts. and congrats on a girl! since i'm a crazy stalker and only know what you're up to by what you post, it's news to me--and exciting news at that!