Friday, February 1, 2013

Halloween Happenings

Yes, I know it's January and I'm just now posting about Halloween. I don't want to skip all the fun things we've done the last few months so I really need to get going on documenting it all. This will just be about the month of October and all the fun Halloween things we did. Get ready for a LOT of pictures!

Aunt Deb put on her annual Halloween party. She is so stinking creative and always goes all out with this thing. She took took pity on me this year knowing I already get queasy at the sight of her crazy Halloween food and that being pregnant this year I probably would have just keeled over and died. So we had awesome decorations, games, and costumes, but no crazy food this time around. Thanks again, Aunt Deb!

Making our sweet candy bar cars for the race!

the awesome 7-layer dip

Our painted faces creeped me out. And I don't think Ashley meant to be this creepy in the background haha!

Our 'cars'! My cousin Mason won it all but Daniel got 2nd, winning us the movie The Avengers! 

How creative is this? We raced our cars down the stairs on this tarp

Things getting intense...

The sweet goblin juice

The cute dessert!

Yummy mummy calzone

At the end the boys carved pumpkins and the girls made glitter pumpkins. That's probably my favorite Halloween tradition at the McEwen's. I love glitter pumpkins! I tried to go for a fun chevron look, which looked a lot better in my head. I didn't get any pictures of us making them but there is one of my finished product a few pictures down. 

Later that month we doubled with our friends, the Lisowski's, to carve pumpkins and then headed to a haunted house. While we waited in line, there was this freaky man nurse who took a liking to Henry. The flirtation going on was totally out of control and I we were all dying laughing at poor Henry's expense.

Daniel's is of course the Jack Skellington one.

Creepy bloody man

A truly disturbing experience...

This was all so wrong...

This is the guy who both executed us at the end of the haunted house (because we were 'infected' by the zombie virus) and took our picture below...though not until he took this lovely self-portait.

We love the Lisowskis!

Our sweet pumpkin collection

Our friends, the Parsons, threw the most AMAZING halloween party. I wish I would have taken more pictures of their house- these guys know how to throw a serious shin-dig. Amber is probably one of the most creative people I know and we are so lucky to have them as friends. 

How amazing is this?!

I know you can't tell, but this is the hubs

We were a dead bride and groom. I was really hoping our makeup wouldn't turn out so blotchy, but this is what we got. 

This is what I was HOPING we would look like. What other woman could dress up like a skeleton and look this hot?

We drove up to Ogden for Halloween because Daniel's brother, Chris, put on his annual haunted house. I was expecting a fun little home-made house and boy was I surprised when we showed up to a full-fledged, legitimately scary, haunted house. I wish I would have taken more pictures of it because it was seriously amazing. Chris and his friends totally outdid themselves. There were kids there all night totally loving this fun and free haunted house. We had so much fun acting in one of the rooms as a crazy doctor and his tortured patient (we toned it down for the younger kids, don't worry).  I didn't make it too long since I was still in my sick stage of pregnancy, but it was fun while it lasted. I totally loved going back to the house and hanging with the in-laws passing out candy. So fun! 

How cute is this little chicken?!

I loved watching him crawl and seeing his little chicken butt wiggle back and forth! 

The scary (sexy) doctor 

This is what we did in our room. Daniel would welcome the kids in as I laid there and then I would pop up screaming for them to save me from my torturous doctor. We got pretty good at scaring those poor kids. 

That's not a statue, that's Christopher's sweet costume. How impressive is that?!

After I took a bit of a break at the house, Janice and I headed back to the haunted house and decided to walk through before they closed up shop. After I left my post as troubled patient, Chris took over and oh man was it hilarious scary. Here is a nice (crappy) video of their act.

Chris had such a convincing scream that he lost his voice the next day ;)

A few days after Halloween we went to this huge corn maze with the Parsons. It was freezing and I of course wasn't feeling too great (thank goodness I'm out of the sick stage of pregnancy!), so the actual trekking through the maze got old pretty fast, but it was fun because it was pretty deserted. We got lost pretty easily, which the boys were hoping would happen. The maze also had a pretty intense corn gun, bonfire, random games, and picture opportunities- though the one below is the only one I got. 

As you can see, we had a very fun-filled October! We are so lucky to have such great friends and family to party with :)

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