Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Reunion

Daniel's sister, Denise, and her family came to visit our great state last month. What a BLAST! They are just so much fun and we had such a good time hanging out with all the Keslers! It had almost been a year since we've all been together, so we just ate up all the time with them we could. Christian is probably the biggest BYU fan on the face of the planet, so of course we had to catch a game while they were here. 

We lost (shocking), but we still had a great time

Love these guys!

Daniel and I couldn't spend the whole week up in Ogden because we had work/school, but we did go up for the weekend. Halfway through the week, I realized everyone was enjoying each other's company...without us! So we drove up for a few hours. Turns out that was a good choice; the nauseating drive totally worth a few extra hours with our fantastic family. We spent the day at the park with these cuties and then had some pizza and pumpkin carving before driving back to p-town.


So happy to get some serious time with this adorable boy!

These matching coats were the CUTEST!

Pizza party!

We carved pumpkins with the kiddos...they were obviously very interested in the carving part ;)

When we finally got up to Ogden for the weekend, we saw a whole lot of uncle lovin with the Hubs. Denise's kids absolutely adore him...and his ipad skills. 

One night all the siblings went to Chris and Janice's to play 'The Resistance,' a super stressful and deceiving card game. I laughed a whole lot that was filled with very convincing arguments, lots of lying, and a whole lot of family bonding. Those all fit together, right? If you haven't checked out this game before, it's well worth your time. 

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Then came the family pictures. With so many kids/people, it will be a miracle if we end up with even one picture where everyone is looking at the camera. It was definitely an adventure to say the least. 

On the way to pictures. Ow ow!!!

The picture below might be one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip. When taking the Olson family picture, my in-laws jumped in to get all the kids to look/smile at the camera. This is a perfect picture of fantastic grandparents, people. Pure dedication right here.

Some random shots...

Notice the looks of joy on the faces of the ipad watchers

And then all of a sudden, the weekend was over. We were so sad to see the Olsons go home! I had to snap a few last minute pictures as we dropped them off at the airport.

Pricey is seriously a BEAUTIFUL baby. Look at that grin!

'Tian and Lyric looking oh so happy to leave

Goodbye Olsons!

We had such a fun time with the fam and can't wait to all be back together again in SoCal for Christmas! 

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