Saturday, November 3, 2012

Baby K Coming in May 2013!

I am SO behind on posts. So behind. However, I'm going to continue to put those on hold for this very exciting one. Unless you're not on facebook, this probably won't be much of a surprise, but the Hubs and I are going to have a little babe! Am I excited? Yes, yes I am. Especially since we had our first ultrasound yesterday. Holy cow can you say AMAZING?! It was just so incredible to actually see with our own eyes that we have a little alien in the oven. Sounds a bit silly, but seeing this little guy has changed everything. It's so much more real now for some reason. I've decided to look into the cost of ultrasound machines so I can look at baby K all day every day. They can't be that expensive, right?

So far everything looks good: baby's heartbeat is strong and he (Daniel and I have been referring to baby as a 'he' for a little while now but we still have a ways to go to find out the gender) is quite the little mover. We couldn't believe how much baby was partying down there. I'm 12 weeks and I feel as though I'm already HUGE. We're really hoping the nausea will die down soon or I think I will just die. This pregnancy has also made me incredibly dramatic (which I'm sure you haven't picked up on), though the hubs might argue that the drama is not actually a new development ;) Seriously though, I have had some pretty emotional moments. From breaking down over spongebob mac n' cheese to convincing myself I'm the worst wife in the world to sobbing that I'm not actually pregnant, just's all been quite the roller coaster. Turns out I picked REALLY well when it came to catching a man- the Hubs has been so good with my sickness, food pickiness, and emotionality. This guy is a ROCK! Pregnancy would be a whole lot worse with anyone else. Sure do love that guy.

And now, what would a baby post be without any pictures?! These are probably not as exciting to anyone else besides me, but I'll post them nonetheless. Enjoy!

Baby alien head!

Baby spine

And my absolute favorite, Baby feet!

11 weeks :)


  1. This still doesn't seem real. Especially since you are TINY still.

  2. Congratulations, Kait! I'm so happy for you!! This is so exciting.

  3. OH MY! I just can't for this new, sweet little family member to be here!! Aunt Deb

  4. Such a cute babe already! Can't wait to see your tummy! (That I promise is nothing compared to my jinormo one!!!)