Saturday, October 27, 2012

Labor Day 2012

We spent labor day weekend up in Ogden with the fam. We, of course, had a great time. A few things we did...

Went to the lava hot springs pool center in ID...mostly for the high dives. the hubs and his dad totally dominated those things. I was able to jump off the high one (like 30 ft? I hope that's not a gross exaggeration but that's how high it felt) but those guys actually dove and I think might have even done flips. It was crazy cool. That's because I have a crazy cool family. Be jealous. 

We went to a stake roadshow where Dan's parents did a musical number from the South Pacific with their ward. They were pretty great. I especially enjoyed the outfits ;)

And of course we watched the BYU vs U of U game, which was a sad, sad disappointment. Everyone in the Hubs' home ward knows what a BYU fan our family is and so of course someone had to ding dong ditch this little platter. We considered throwing it all out on the lawn after our embarrassing loss, but eventually decided against it.

To be totally honest, I'm writing this post WAY too late to really remember what else we did- so these are probably the most important things. Always love hangin with family!

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