Wednesday, October 3, 2012

to Good Health!

The hubs and I have had a few random health issues the last few months or so. Nothing too serious, but it has made us really grateful for the good health we do normally enjoy.

The first mishap was with my ovaries. TMI? Too bad. I got ovarian cysts my freshman year and holy crap did they hurt. For some reason when I got them this time it felt different and I was certain my appendix was on the verge of exploding into a million pieces. The hubs happened to be at seven peaks with the Juice (he and my mom stayed with us for a while after my graduation) and so my mom took me to the hospital. I was so happy she was there but even more happy when my sweet babes showed up.

Everything turned out to be ok and recovery was a piece of cake (that may be a bit of an exaggeration...). I think the hardcore drugs they gave me were more difficult to recover from than the actual cyst. That being said, I was VERY grateful for those hardcore drugs at the time of extreme pain. 

Next came problems with Mr. Kesler. Almost all of a sudden he had this horrific back pain and it got so bad that we had to do an emergency run to the chiropractor and later the doctor. While this is not funny, watching this kid get the electric massage therapy was so stinking funny. I wish I would have gotten a video of him giggling (yes, giggling) every time his back muscles were forced to contract.

We never really figured out what was wrong, but eventually the pain subsided and Daniel was able to once again walk around and not look like an old man. However, before this happened, we had an extremely painful night. Daniel had been to the chiropractor and the doctor with no help. He was in a ton of pain no matter what position he was in. I tried to get him to take one of my serious pain relievers from my hospital stint above with no avail; he was 'fine' (yeah, ok). So, being the incredible wife that I am, I mashed up one of those pills and put it in his smoothie. 45 minutes later he was feeling GREAT! And then he was pretty high for the rest of the night. I was entertained, he wasn't in pain anymore, it worked out great for everyone. Hopefully this won't be happening again any time soon! 

And last but certainly not least, I had to wear a holter monitor for two days that monitered my heart. I tend to pass out a lot and we just wanted to make sure I don't have any life-threatening heart diseases or anything. That would sure put a downer on my day. Heart tests came back and turns out I just have a few irregular heart beats every now and then, nothing related to my fainting spells. We think I'm just going to have to be careful standing up too fast and standing in one spot for too long. I'll take that over anything else more serious any day ;)

I tried pretty hard to choose outfits that downplayed these lovely stickers. Unfortunately, they were so high that unless I wore a turtleneck, there was no hiding these babies. Life goes on...

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