Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Kesler Summer 2012

I know, I've been pretty bad at updating the blog lately. It's taken me forever and a day to figure out how to get pictures off my phone and onto my computer. For all you who are saying "all you have to do is connect the phone to the computer, dearie..." let me be the first to say that for some reason it was MUCH more complicated than that. But I've obviously spiced up my computer skills and got it working.

So here's a few quick things we've been up to this summer...

We went to watch the latest 'Batman' movie with our friends, the Parsons! We sure do love these guys :)

We went to a farewell bbq for our friend, Benj, and this is the only picture I managed to capture. How great is this? And no, this isn't Benj. This is our wonderful friend, Jason Dang. What a champ.

Remember how I said we love the Parsons? We also celebrated the 4th of July with them. And yes, we did indeed bring grapes and guac. MMMMM!

We got to go to the reception for some good friends of ours. It was great. They were beautiful (and of course I only snapped a picture of the two of us...ooops!) and SO happy!

We had a date night at trafalga and won THESE BABIES!!!

We went to a farewell sushi dinner where the hubs consumed more sushi than anyone thought was humanly possible. Yes, I was indeed very proud. 

You might not be able to tell, but Daniel really misses his friend, Josh. 

 We played a few mean games of banana grams (thanks again, Brittany and Montana!). I won.

We went to another reception for a guy in the singles ward we met in. It was pretty fun to catch up with old friends who live here in Provo but who we never see because we are lazy. 

We witnessed a super cool DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! Can you see it?!? I was totally pumped. 

And last but certainly not least, I left my keys in the car one day while I was at work. The whole day. Thank goodness I work at BYU...

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