Thursday, September 13, 2012


The hubs is a seriously talented twister/flipper/jumper. Because of this, we love going to 'Jump on It' type of places. They are pretty dang fun. I'm not so good at doing cool tricks, but like I said, Daniel is a total pro. You don't have to just take my word for it...

Pretty cool, huh? He was flippin all over the place like this the whole time. As for me, this is about the extent of my abilities. The hubs was OH so proud ;)

I have high hopes for our future children. 


  1. HAHAHAHA! kait this made me laugh sooo hard! i miss you so much and you are hilarious as always! i love reading your blog too! you two are the cutest and seem so happy! :) you are BEAUTIFUL as ever. i was looking at your blog at work and the other girls saw and talked about how BEAUTIFUL you are! if only they could know you to know your also beautiful on the inside too!
    miss you

  2. bahah! Im dying over your video. so you. but i love it!