Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A few weeks ago, I became a graduate! It was a pretty exciting day. Actually, it was a kind of weird day; because BYU is so large, they break up the graduating ceremonies into individual colleges (as I'm sure all universities do) so that you don't have to wait 6 hours to hear your sister's stepdad's son's name called. On top of that, I graduated in August which a much smaller ceremony. So basically it was great because the whole thing was an hour and a half max, but kind of weird because it was about a 1/5 the size of my high school graduation. All I can say is that it just didn't feel real. They required us to be there an hour early and there was NO way I was going to stand around for an hour with a bunch of people I've never met so I showed up about ten minutes before it started. Let me tell you, that is the way to do it! But it probably that definitely added to making the whole experience feel like run-through. Anyway, it feels so good to not be in school anymore and I am a happy woman! 

I did it!

Waiting patiently

Love this dude

I'm sure most who see this will not be surprised

These two are the BEST!

How could I not add this picture???

At the (crappy according to dad) breakfast place following the graduation

I just have to say, there were many times where I really hated school and wanted to just quit. Max kudos to my parentals who supported me in about a million different ways. Those guys are the best. I honestly don't think I would have gotten through it without them. Also big thanks to the hubs. My last two semesters were pretty brutal and he put up with many tears and countless exclamations of "why the heck am I doing this?!?!" I chose well! 

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