Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Newport Living

 The hubs and I were lucky enough to spend a few days in Newport with my awesome family earlier this month. We had SO much fun and it definitely wasn't long enough. The stay was filled with lots good food, belly laughs, and late night chats. We all know I'm a bit picture crazy, so get ready!

One of the first big things we did was go on a sweet bike ride along the beach. It was incredibly crowded and I'm pretty sure we all almost ran over at least a few small children, but it was a total blast. The only thing was...the ride was so long, we all had pretty sore bums by the end of it ;)

Haley, Dad, and I got tired so we stopped for a bit of a rest. Always time for a photo opportunity ;)

One of the nights we hung out on the beach and flew some super cool dollar store kites. I haven't flown a kite in probably a few years, and it definitely made for a good time. 

One of our favorite parts was letting go of one of the kites and watch the Juice chase it down. So funny!

Does anyone else think it unfair how much this guy was blessed with good looks? OW OW!

Yes, I am indeed one of those annoying photo bombers

Apparently I didn't make the cut for getting Dad's arm around me ;)

Love this boy!

So here's a funny story. Daniel thought it would be hilarious to chase me down and throw me into the ocean (*disclaimer! for some reason some of these pictures are pretty crappy)...

Despite all my kicking and screaming, he managed to throw me over his shoulder.

Here is our (very dark) entry into the ocean.

Eventually I screamed 'If you do this I will be SO mad at you!' and 'I'm SERIOUS!' enough times that he brought me back to dry land.

But not before he made sure I got at least a little wet ;)

My (not so) sweet revenge.

Of course we had to spend some serious time at the beach during the day. We rented some surfboards but got kicked out of the water pretty quickly because it was too busy...but not before the hubs caught a wave!

 Dad and Haley boogie boarding

Our super awkward boogie board picture

My pops has STYLE

Maddy REALLY wanted to get tan. So she decided to not wear any sunscreen the first day, despite the many suggestions for protection. It turns out Mads got plenty of color. Some might say TOO much color...


We got to play some serious volleyball one night which was...pretty hilarious. We just had to play boys vs. girls, which made for some really fun competition and some really great pictures. 


The Juice and his power shot

These next few are a pretty good indication of the type of talent I have as a volleyball player...

Nailed it!

"The scorpion"

Sweet success

Love this boy

The hubs and I got to go surfing twice, and it was awesome. I'm not very good, but I got up a few times. Daniel used to go surfing every summer with his dad, so he's pretty much a natural. I think he felt bad for me at the end and beached his board to help me try and catch a few waves. What a keeper!

The hubs rockin it


If you couldn't tell from all my sweet photos, we had an AWESOME trip and were sad to go. Love the vobs!

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