Friday, July 6, 2012

The Hubs is 23!

Daniel Clark Kesler turned 23 on June 20th. It was truly an exciting day. However, we like to celebrate for more than just a day, so we started the Saturday before. I think that's going to be a new Kesler tradition.

What did we do that Saturday, you might ask? The real question is, what didn't we do? We partied. Hard. First, we headed up to SLC to spend five hours at the zoo. I seriously can't remember the last time I went to a real zoo with exhibits holding more than farm animals, so this was a real treat for the both of us. Daniel was just eating it all up- he has this really tender spot in his heart for animals which I think is the cutest thing ever.

We love elephants. We seriously watched them for a good 20 minutes.

She was the coolest polar bear I've ever seen!

We went to this bird show which we thought might actually be a little lame, but we were tired of walking and jumped at the chance to sit down for a break. Turns out it was awesome! There were all these birds flying literally like an inch above people's heads. It was so cool. Birds are pretty dang amazing and we had so much fun watching the show.

Uh, have you ever seen a more majestic eagle?!

The hubs donated a dollar to this little bird who put it with the rest of his earnings. 

She was HUGE!!!

Our favorite part was definitely the new Polar Bear. She was absolutely fantastic. Natural performer. 

So that was the zoo. The only reason we left was because we were about to starve to death and neither of us wanted to pay a million dollars for a mediocre zoo meal. So we left and got lunch before going to the 7 Peaks water park in Salt Lake! It was SO MUCH COOLER than the one we have here in Provo. We had a total blast there on some really terrifying rides. Definitely going back there soon.

Yeah we got a bit sunburnt. Totally worth it.

Then came the actual big day. I made the hubs a big breakfast and put together a scavenger hunt for Daniel to get all his presents. It definitely wasn't as awesome as the one he did for me, but it got the job done. 

This boy LOVES blue powerade

He even loves healthy cereal

Fake coffee. Gross. 

The big kahuna was the bonsai tree. The hubs has been wanting a bonsai tree for a long time now and he was SO excited to get this guy. Daniel named him LeBron and if his care for this tree is any indication of what kind of father he'll be, we're totally set. 

I had to go to work for a little bit before Daniel picked me up and we went out to lunch. Then we hung out a home for a while and the birthday boy took a nap while I prepared some treats for later that night. Later I surprised the Hubs with dinner at Sushi Ya with some of our friends. My man loves sushi, so it was great. Afterwards we headed back to our place for some watermelon cake and peanut butter brownie cups. 

After looking carefully at the picture above, you may notice that the big candles are not an accurate representation of Daniel's actual age. I may or may not have accidentally grabbed a 4 instead of a 2. So I figured 34 would be better than 43...right? We actually decided to make it a new family tradition. I mean, is it really necessary to declare to the world your age? I think it's better to keep em guessing ;)

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  1. We made it to your blog!!! YAY I feel so special. :) I'm sure we will be in a ton more blog post, I can't wait!!! :)