Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Happenings

Here's a few things we did in June...

We hiked the Y with our friends, Amorette and Derek

Love these guys!

Such a great view. Isn't the hubs a babe?

Daniel started a new job at a plasma center in SLC (no, he doesn't just give plasma full-time, he actually works there) which has turned out to be a pretty good job. He's excited to be getting some sort of patient exposure for the med school applications we'll be filling out this upcoming year (ahhhh!)

Yep, I get to see this guy every day!

June contained Diane's, Janice's, and Daniel's birthdays (more on Dan's later), so were up in North Ogden earlier this month to celebrate and hang out with Daniel's grandma and her husband who came into town. We were so happy to get some good time with them and meet Grandma's husband, Larry. We got to hang out at Chris and Janice's new place one of the nights and it was just so great to hang out with them again. We miss them here in P-town :(

Our Sunday dinner was a big ol turkey which was enjoyed not only by the adults; Diane gave Ethan a turkey bone with some meat on it. Ethan LOVED this, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him enjoy it so much. 

How cute is he?!

Nom, nom, nom!

Daniel ran out of shirts and so he had to wear one of mine...

Yes, it was indeed necessary to include this.

Birthday celebrations wouldn't be complete without a cake! 

My babealicious mother-in-law

Daniel's birthday will be in a later post- we had multiple birthday celebrations for him ;)

And last, but certainly not least, this month was all about the NBA palyoffs/finals. The hubs is a BIG Heat fan...specifically a big LeBron fan. So this was kind of a big deal. Daniel didn't actually watch a lot of the games because they are so stressful and he thinks he jinxes them by watching, but we still tuned in a few times to see how they were doing. AND we watched the entire Final game where the Heat won it all! Daniel's friend, Parsons, came over to watch it and they were just hilarious. The picture below is from one of the earlier games Dan watched, but it describes his intense attention to all the games he watched ;)

I just couldn't help but snap this moment with my phone.

For those of you who don't normally delve into the athletic world, the Heat won and it was a great last game for them (whew!).

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