Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Temple Time

A while ago Daniel and I spent a day in Salt Lake City. We walked around City Creek for a while (how could we not?) and then, because it was such a beautiful day, headed over to the temple to walk around for a bit. The Salt Lake Temple is so dang gorgeous, we just loved walking around taking in the beauty of this wonderful building. The flowers were all out in bloom and it was all just so lovely! 

Daniel thought this would make a super cool bonsai tree.

We met these super nice people who actually took this picture for us- it was a woman and her cousin. This lady was just visiting Utah and wanted to check out the famous temple. It was cool to talk to them for a little bit and find out a little about their backgrounds. The woman has an LDS daughter and so she's at least a little familiar with our faith. As soon as we said goodbye and parted ways, I felt so disappointed that we didn't at least ask them if they wanted to go through the visitors center. What a perfect opportunity that was to share our faith with good people! And I just let it pass by because that's way out of my comfort zone. Last week in our sunday school class, we talked about being missionaries and what stops us from sharing what we know to be true. The  usual reasons were discussed, i.e. it's uncomfortable, not professional, too dear to us, fear of rejection, etc. Our conclusion was that none of these reasons are good enough to withhold our great knowledge. What might be an uncomfortable short time could very well lead to a eternity of truth and happiness for someone we love. Isn't that possibility worth a small moment of squirming? I think so. I promised after missing out on this great chance to be a missionary, that I would never pass up such a thing again. I'm just so grateful to have been married in the temple to Daniel and I can't imagine being nearly as happy getting married any other way. I think back to our wedding day and all the joy we felt then and continue to feel now; I want everyone to have that.

Love this boy

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