Monday, June 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend with the van Overbeeks!

My family came and spent Memorial weekend with us. I can't even say what a fun/loving/hilarious/busy time we had. I LOVE MY FAMILY and we were way past due for some good time together. It was especially nice for the hubs and my fam to get some quality time with each other since their past time together has been pretty limited. And take advantage of this they did...especially the Juice. Man alive does he love Daniel. I have always been extremely loved by my dear Juice, and usually during visits I get his undivided attention. This trip was a tiny bit different. The most common phrase from the weekend was: "I get to sit next to Dan!" Usually it's a given that I get to sit next to the hubs, but I totally got shafted. I joke about this, but when it really came down to it, I totally loved seeing the two of them bond. It was pretty tender. These pictures say it all...

Lando refusing to let me sit in front

The hubs teaching the juice how to be a putting on deodorant 

This is pretty much all we saw all weekend. Pretty cute. 

Momma decided to get in on the action. 

Wrestle Mania

Lots of super mario smash brothers (or whatever it was)

You can tell they just had a great time together. The rest of us had a great weekend, too ;) Friday we took them up to the City Creek Mall (which is totally gorgeous) and shopped around a bit. Maddy had earned a bit of a shopping trip for her awesome grades, so we had a good time finding fun clothes for her. 

We also went to LAGOON!!! The hubs and I just love roller coasters, and we had a total blast. The weather was pretty crappy so we pretty much walked on to every ride, which was beyond amazing. Eventually it started to pour, but that didn't stop us! We had to take advantage of the incredibly short lines...and by that I mean there were no lines at all. It was so great. I ended up getting a severe cold later that week, which was definitely worth it. 

Lando was tall enough to ride everything!

The Juice opted out on this ride, but made a comeback the second time around.

The ride we're on below was pretty fun. It goes REALLY fast in a circle and then turns on its side...which my father was unaware of as we were boarding. My favorite part was hearing him scream. The. Whole. Time.

I wasn't joking when I said we were soaked

My pants were so soaked that they started falling off. And yes, I am indeed wearing flip-flops. And that blue stripe on my back is my bathing suit. We were hoping to make it to the water park section of Lagoon...which I guess we technically did.

We had a big BBQ at my Aunt Deb's house on Sunday with all our family. That was super fun. I FINALLY got to meet my cousin Mason's super cute fiance, Ashley. She is so stinking fun and so perfect for Mason. We're so excited for their wedding in August! Unfortunately, I dont' have pictures of this BBQ, so we'll just move on. 

Monday we just hung out with Maddy and Lando all morning (they slept at our apartment all weekend) while my parents took Grandma out to breakfast. Dan and the Juice pretty much just played video games and wrestled all morning. That was pretty cute. Then we decided to split up- the boys went longboarding down Provo Canyon while my mom and sister and I did some more shopping. 

My favorite boys (minus Dalin)!

My dad left Monday night because he had to get back to work, but momma and the kids stayed until Wednesday morning! I had to go back to school/work on Tuesday, but after I was done with that we all went to the Provo Beach Resort and did the surfing thingi. It was pretty hilarious watching everyone fall. Daniel was definitely the best and totally rocked it. 

I think this was my first time out. But the wipeout is pretty funny. Please excuse my pasty self.

The hubs fell, but he still did a great job!

And Maddy's wipeout. Her face when she lets go of the rope just KILLS me! 

And last, but not least, the JUICE!

My cousins, Mason, his fiance, and Brookie also came with us, but I'm lazy and don't want to put up the rest of the videos right now. Sorry guys. I'll work on it ;)

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