Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The TULIP Festival!

I know. I've been really bad at keeping up on things lately. I've become totally immersed in my spring semester classes and we just moved last weekend and...ok well that's about it. But still, I've been distracted. Seriously though, my sewing class (oh yeah, that's right) is totally taking over my life. We have twelve hours per week of official lectures and sewing but that's not near enough time to keep up on all the projects, so there's also an open lab. I spend a minimum of 16 hours per week sewing. How cool is that? It's actually kind of stressful at times, but I'm totally loving it. That being said, no one should come to me asking me to make some cool clothes. Severe experience does not always bring about serious skills. Weird, I know. I'll post pictures of my sweet garments (regular clothes are called 'garments' in the sewing world...that took a while to get used to) at the end of the semester when I've finished everything. Just know I already have some wicked sweet pjs.

We all went to my brother-in-law's graduation from his graduate program at BYU. Yeah, my family is kind of a big deal. This is, for some reason, the only picture of that adventure.

Can you see Chris?!

Then the real fun began. The Tulip Festival in Thanksgiving Point! I wanted to go so badly last spring but didn't get the chance so I was totally stoked to get to go this year as a post-graduation celebration. Ready for picture overload?...

For those of you who don't know, I LOVE cotton candy. Love it. This handsome guy got me some and I was SO HAPPY!

Pretty sure I wasn't supposed to be in there but how great is this picture?!

I am one lucky woman to be married to this guy ;)

The ladies! Janice's parents came out for the graduation. That's her super sweet momma on the right end...if you couldn't tell ;)

I am indeed aware that this is an incredibly unflattering picture. Still had to do it. 

Couldn't resist. How kissable are those cheeks?! Ethan was totally mesmerized by the violinists playing there

In case you couldn't tell, I absolutely love tulips and couldn't take enough pictures. Everything was just so gosh dang gorgeous!

Next, we stopped off at Cabelas. I had never been, and boy did it live up to my expectations. Pretty cool. We even fed fish...

I could totally be in Africa right now

Feeding the exquisite river fish.

Look at this flock of meese!

The fun didn't stop there! Kevin and Diane went back to N. Ogden and the rest of us headed back to Chris and Janice's for buffalo wings. MMM! 

The hubs and I spent some quality time with this tub of love. I honestly can't get enough of him. Chris and Janice just moved up to N. Ogden this past weekend and it seriously hurts my heart that we won't be so close to them anymore.

Tell me you didn't smile when you saw this one. You can't! Because you did!

Ethan loves his Uncle Daniel!

After the yummy wings, dear Christopher decided to test-drive his graduation present on Daniel's foot. He got this very classy/sophisticated/old man shaving set and boy was it fun to have a front row seat to this one!

Prepping the area with some...cream?

Applying the area with the fancy shaving foam

And then the actual shaving. Love the looks on both of their faces!

The fun didn't even stop after that! Dan convinced Janice to teach him how to fold a little turtle out of paper. She is the origami master.

The hubs was obviously SO EXCITED

We had quite the day. We absolutely love our family and the chance we have to see them as often as we do! And we are SO EXCITED to see my side of the family this memorial weekend! I can hardly contain myself. So yes, that means there are random burst of joy and I appear to be even stranger than I already am ;) 

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